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Workshop External Fixation Set

For the fourth time, Medic Foundation has held a workshop for tropical doctors with the External Fixation Set.

This time it took place in Amsterdam and drilling and screwing took place with great enthusiasm.

The External Fixation Set is a product of the Medic Foundation and has been specially developed for use in the tropics.

If you are interested to sign up for the next workshop please mail to

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UMC Utrecht signs covenant with the Medic Foundation

On 21 February 2019 a covenant was signed with the UMC Utrecht. Ms M.J. Mol, Director of Facility services, signed on behalf of the hospital. For the Medic Foundation, Mr B. Kroese and Mr J. Haasjes signed. Standing on the photos Mrs. P.C.M. Schlösser (UMCU) and Mr R. Adama (Medic) who both played an important role in the realization of this covenant.
The now signed agreement confirms the continuity of the cooperation and indemnifies the hospital against any defects and proper functioning of the donated goods. The covenant also offers the guarantee that Medic will only use the donated goods in accordance with the mission of the foundation.ondertekening Medic en UMC Utrecht 210219 web-2 ondertekening Medic en UMC Utrecht 210219 web-1

Construction of the new theatre room of Kumi Hospital, Uganda, in progress

The construction of the new theatre room as an extension of the existing hospital in Kumi Uganda is in full swing. The completion of the building is foreseen for the beginning of next year.  Medic Foundation is participating in financing the construction and the provision of equipment for the new theatre room.

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Incubators for Gambia

Dear Medic Foundation,

Today Marie and I went to the hospital to see how things are going. We both returned home with a nice feeling. First of all the warming lamps. It is really nice to see them in operation. You get an impression when you look at the photos. They are really very happy and grateful. It is a fantastic donation!

And today Antony Prierra started working on putting the incubators together. We went to see him in the workshop and I made some pictures. This young man shows confidence in what he does, he seems to have the proper knowledge. I must say he gave me a good feeling.

Kind regards


Help for educational centre in Benin

Enclosed a message from Benin, in which a volunteer from the PUM reported on the organization of a medical, educational institution where Medic has provided the equipment and goods for: 

In June 2018 I went to Benin for 14 days. I was sent by the “PUM” The PUM is an organization for senior experts in many fields. Health Care is one of them. Benin is a terribly poor country. Everything is missing. Thanks to the collaboration with the Medic Foundation we have helped to establish an educational institution where midwives, nurses and laboratory staff are trained to set up a practice room. And we have taught them how to organise such classrooms and how good practical education should look like.


Wagagai Health Centre Oeganda

The Wagagai Health Center III in Kampala is a European-sponsored clinic for the local population of Uganda. The Medic Foundation donated ultrasound equipment for this clinic. And it looks like they are happy with it.

Wagagai Oeganda

Medic supports construction of clean water storage tanks in Uganda

Medic Foundation supports the construction of three additional storage tanks for clean rainwater for the Karuguuza Health Centre of Emesco in Uganda. This was necessary because there is no connection to the public water supply and of which the quality is quite poor.

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Medic gives financial support to build Operating room in Guzang, Cameroon

Medic Foundation contributes to the cost of building and equipping a small operating room in the Health Centre in Guzang, Cameroon.

During 2009-2012 Medic Foundation contributed to the construction of a  “Maternal and Child Care.” clinic. Reports and pictures of the progress of the construction and renovation of the building are regularly exchanged. Also, extensive background information on healthcare in the area was provided to us. On May 4, 2013 the new hall of the health center was officially opened. It was the successful completion of the project “Mother and Child Care.”

moeder en kind kliniek

Request for a small combined operating / delivery room:

There is a need for space especially for interventions at birth (Caesarian section) and minor surgery. At the request of the Health Committee, the architect, Mr. Peter van Leerdam, designed a construction plan for a small combined operating / delivery room including sterile environments. It is an extension to the existing building.

The costs are estimated at approximately € 20 000, -. The center itself is not able to cater for this amount. Medic Foundation decided to provide this amount. Experience shows that the full amount will be used soleley for the construction and will be accounted for carefully.