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MRC-Holland Foundation supports Medic

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The MRC-Holland Foundation granted a substantial amount of money to Medic Foundation. We are thankful for this donation which will allow for the financial support of a number of our projects in the course of 2016. 

The MRC-Holland Foundation is associated with the Amsterdam-based biotechnology company, MRC-Holland (  The MRC-Holland Foundation aims to contribute to a better world through providing financial support to aid different projects in areas of education and medical care worldwide.



Metes B.V. donates Ultrasound equipment to Medic in Almere, an independent service organization for medical equipment, is a subsidiary of Medical Specialties Holding,

Metes b.v. supports Medic Foundation by donating medical equipment which is not in use anymore. Metes is also helping Medic in the training of our volunteers in repairing and testing the donated equipment. In this way Metes bv  supports us to run our projects at the lowest possible costs.

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Comoe Foundation Ivory Coast

In Boukani, Ivory Coast, the government has recently built 26 new rural clinics. As the local government lacks the funds to provide for medical equipment and goods, the clinics have to cater for that themselves. Comoe Foundation helps the regional government to find cheap suppliers in the Netherlands. Comoe Foundation also wants to raise funds to support financially in the purchase and transportation to Ivory Coast.

Medic Foundation has donated € 2000, – to Stichting Comoe and made it possible to ship medical supplies to rural clinics in Bounkani.


Clinic under construction

Home of Hope Foundation Sri Lanka

The Medic Foundation supports since some time the Home of Hope Foundation in Sri Lanka with the supply of equipment and goods for physiotherapy.

Home of Hope is an organization which cares for children without a future. Children who were victims of the civil war. Now it is also a place for children where the parents are not longer able to care for them. On 12.5 hectares of land a real village has been built with space for 90 children and the number is growing. They find here a safe place, education and a loving guidance. The aim is that they eventually can find their way back in societry in the future.

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Update Christina Specialist Hospital Nigeria

For several years, Medic Foundation supports the Christina Specialist Hospital in Owerri, Nigeria through the delivery of  equipment and goods.   Dr. Amaechi is the surgeon who together with his wife and two sons ensures that this hospital provides affordable care for the local population. Below is a part of a report by Mrs. Amaechi which provides feed back about what goes on in this hospital.

We would like to express our appreciation to Medic Foundation for your great interest and involvement in our work.

The hospital has benefited a lot from the improved electricity supply and the new hospital equipment thanks to your help.

It’s busy at the hospital and Dr. Amaechi performs surgery on a regular basis. These people are often the victims of traffic or other accidents. Also children with deformities of the legs or feet.

After treatment in Christina Specialist Hospital, these patients have a new life in front of them and can finish their school education or take care for their families.

Patients are also referred to us from other parts of Nigeria including Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja, because the qualitry of care which our hospital provides, is not found elsewhere in the region.

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The Operation room                                                               Dr. Amaechi and his son Christian are performing an operation

Financial support at graduation

Tuesday  18 November Rolf Jan den Adel and Michaël Lansbergen graduated at The Technical University in Eindhoven on the thesis “RESOLVING COMPLEXITY?! Medical Technology is People Based” Instead of presents, they asked family and friends to donate to the Medic Foundation. We are very grateful for this initiative and thank everyone for their contribution to the good cause.

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Medic present at symposium “Surgical Needs In Low Resource Settings”

From Friday 14 till Sunday 16 November, Medic Foundation was present at the symposium SURGERY IN LOW RESOURCE SETTINGS

Many of the 150 attendants were surgeons, operating in development countries. A lot of interest was shown for our mechanical operation table, our battery powered LED operation lamp and the external fixation sets. The workshop on Sunday about the external fixation sets was well visited.

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Tropical doctors in training organized their yearly congres in Apeldoorn

Saturday 25 October the TROIE association (Tropical doctors in training) organized their yearly congres in Apeldoorn.  Medic was present with a stand and during the lunch break many of the attendants did visit us. It was a lively meeting between tropical doctors and Medic volunteers where a lot of interest was shown in the help Medic could provide.


Help for Romania


 Also Romania is severely affected by the crisis. Circumstances have deteriorated because of European ruling from Brussels. Unemployment is high and  costs of living are increasing. Many people are living below the poverty line and especially the elderly are hit hard. Salaries are as low as €200,- for a month work of 160 hours. Specialists in hospitals earn €450,- a month and are seeking for jobs in the western part of Europe. Last winter people have died from the frost in house. The Orthopedic hospital in Targu Mures had an urgent need for surgical equipment. Through Dr. Zsuzsi Bartha (orthopedic specialist) Medic Foundation was approached for help. Thanks to Medic Foundation the hospital has now the appropiate surgical instruments to perform the necessary medical surgeries.

targu mures

Hospitals in Africa can breathe again, thanks to oxygen concentrators of Westfalen Medical bv


Medic Foundation signed some time ago a LOI with “Westfalen Medical bv” in Deventer, Netherlands whereby Medic was granted a number of Oxygen concentrators. Over the past year these Oxygen concentrators found there way to a number of hospitals and clinics in Malawi, Congo, Uganda, Moldavia, Zambia and Syria. Because of the often deficient oxygen provision, these concentrators are well used for reanimation of babies or providing oxygen after surgery. Thanks to the donation of equipment by companies like Westfalen Medical bv, our foundation can continue to support people in need of better health care. See also:

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