Medic gives financial support to build Operating room in Guzang, Cameroon

Medic Foundation contributes to the cost of building and equipping a small operating room in the Health Centre in Guzang, Cameroon.

During 2009-2012 Medic Foundation contributed to the construction of a  “Maternal and Child Care.” clinic. Reports and pictures of the progress of the construction and renovation of the building are regularly exchanged. Also, extensive background information on healthcare in the area was provided to us. On May 4, 2013 the new hall of the health center was officially opened. It was the successful completion of the project “Mother and Child Care.”

moeder en kind kliniek

Request for a small combined operating / delivery room:

There is a need for space especially for interventions at birth (Caesarian section) and minor surgery. At the request of the Health Committee, the architect, Mr. Peter van Leerdam, designed a construction plan for a small combined operating / delivery room including sterile environments. It is an extension to the existing building.

The costs are estimated at approximately € 20 000, -. The center itself is not able to cater for this amount. Medic Foundation decided to provide this amount. Experience shows that the full amount will be used soleley for the construction and will be accounted for carefully.