What does Medic Foundation do?

Medic collects and repairs medical equipment and goods. Medic makes this equipment and goods available to health-care projects in developing countries on an “on request” basis at marginal cost 

Approximately 150 projects are performed annually in over 40 countries. Based on requests from the field and keeping in mind that power-failures occur, spare parts are often hard to get and service may be a problem, Medic experts design and manufacture in house basic medical products especially for use in rural areas.

Examples of our own products are: mechanical operating table, Battery supported operating lamp, delivery bed and an external orthopaedic fixing device. Careful consideration is given to the appropriate usage of the goods.

Medic maintains good relations and cooperation with Dutch and non-Dutch workers in the field in Africa, Eastern-Europe, Asia and the South- and Middle America's. In cooperation with allied organisations, Medic makes knowledge available by detaching medical and technical specialists as consultants on a case by case basis.


Our sponsors
Equipment and goods are donated to us by hospitals, nursery homes, the medical industry, general practicians, and home care organizations. Also private persons, service clubs, charitable funds and other relieve organizations are supporting Medic in many ways. They all allow us to perform our mission and we are thankful for their support!
Our objectives

Medic Foundation is an organisation helping to provide medical goods and services to people in need in economically underdeveloped areas, irrespective of race, religion or creed 

Past the establishment of the foundation by the surgeon A.J. Froeling in 1968, Medic has grown to an organization with about 90 volunteers with a broad expertise in many areas of health care and technology. 

Costs and benefits
Most of the goods used are donated to us, others need to be purchased In addition overhead expenses in the form of transportation cost, maintenance of the premises and rental of warehouses have to be compensated as well as the cost of new materials and repairs. Fortunately, our expenses can be kept low thanks to the fact that our organisation is run solely by unsalaried volunteers. Our expenses are covered by requesting a relatively small donation from each applicant. In some specifically selected cases, limited supplies may be donated free of charge. By carefully controlling our income and expenses we managed to create a favourable balance of accounts over the past years, thus enabling us to continue and improve our work.