Medic Theatre Room Lamp

In close consultation with experienced surgeons the demands for the MEDIC Theatre Room lamp were assessed: the lamp should

  • Be movable and does not require much maintenance
  • Be able to work on 220 V AC and 12 V DC
  • Still be able to work for some hours in case of power failure
  • Have ajustable beams

This was a challenge to our technicians and they succeeded in designing a lamp that complies with the abovementioned requirements.

The adjustable lampcross is equipped with 8 LED’s. The lights can work continuously on 220 Volt AC through the transformer that simultaneously acts as a battery charger for the back up batterie. If the power fails, the batterie takes over and the lamp can continue to burn for another six hours.

This lamp produces less heat then conventional ligh bulbs, has significantly reduced power consumption and the durability of these LED’s whilst normal use is more then six years.


LED ok lamp v1