Medical supplies

In the warehouses of Medic everything that may be useful to our clients (with the exception of medicines ) may be found:

  • hospital inventory
  • medical instruments
  • Operation Room equipment
  • Bandages and suture material
  • Syringes and needles, uniforms, bed- and OR linen
  • Wheelchairs, equipment for revalidation etc.

For a more detailed resume of equipment and goods which are generally available, please see “catalogue”.

You are welcome to visit us and together with us, see for yourself which products you may need for your project.

If you already know which equipment and goods you need, you may complete the form “project request”.

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Practice has taught us that there is a great demand for efficient but simple products that require little maintenance and for which spare-parts can easily be obtained.

In close co-operation with experienced surgeons in the field Medic technicians have designed a number of efficient products:

The designs were tested in practice and the products are made under our own control at a low cost price..

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