Project request procedure

For each application we receive, we will look at the following local circumstances:

  • existing technical infrastructure
  • the level of education and skills to operate the equipment
  • technical maintenance and service capabilities
  • the availability of spare parts

We will also look at the balance between costs of goods and transportation costs. Preferably we will not provide goods that can be manufactured locally. We will safeguard the use of all goods as well as possible . In addition, we will tailor our efforts to meet the specific needs of our customers .

You will be asked to give a general description of the project and add a detailed list of the desired goods . If possible we want to work via your contact person or sponsor in the Netherlands.

Upon receipt of your wish list , we will first look if your project meets our Medic objective, what products we can offer and the required financial contribution. We will contact you in order to discuss these issues. Based on your wish list, a quote will be sent to you . You then can determine which products you want to order.

Upon receipt of your written (email) order, the goods will be prepared for delivery ex warehouse Apeldoorn . If required , we can consult with you to advise with respect to shipment options. The costs of transport and insurance are your responsibility .

For new customers we require upfront payment for the goods.

If you want to submit a request , please complete the following “project request form”

You can contact us through this website or by post , e – mail , fax or phone (see “Contact” ) . You are welcome for a personal visit . However, please make an appointment first .