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Medic Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare and the environment through the efficient recovery and redistribution of the surplus of medical supplies and equipment to those most in need. Medic collect surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals, first- and second  line health care institutions, general practitioners,  distributors and manufacturers, and then redistributes it to qualified healthcare facilities in the developing world. Medic’s recovery efforts save thousands of pounds of surplus medical supplies and equipment from landfills and incinerators that, for various regulatory reasons, hospitals and medical companies must disgard. We accept donations of unused, unexpired medical surplus supplies and equipment.

Donations of hospitals and manufacturers: Over the years Medic has signed a number of LOI’s with hospitals and manufacturers by which Medic safeguards these institutions for the re-use of the donated equipment and at the same time provides them with a planned way to dispose of their surplus materials. It also shows their social responsability and allows them to contribute to a better environment while helping those in need.

Collection of equipment and goods: If you are not in a position to send the  goods itself, we may collect it by appointment. Please“contact” us for planning the time and date. If you want to donate equipment or goods, please “click here”

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