Transport mediation

Although Medic Foundation itself is not responsible for the transport of goods, we are willing to mediate in the proces. In many situations we are faced with questions of how we can support problems regarding transport. Too few goods to fill a 40-feet container, inadequate finances to pay for transportation, or lack of knowledge to organize it. We are providing a couple of pages on our website where supply and demand can be indicated.

There is a demand and a supply form. If you have transportation options, such as available space in a container, or any other way of offering transportation support, please indicate it on this form.  To do so, fill out the “transport supply” form with information such as what the transport capability is, to which country and when. On the “transport demand” form, please choose what kind of transport you need, how much it is and when it should take place. We would then include your information on the page “transport supply & demand”. Medic Foundation provides only information and will play no role in these mediations and is legally not responsible for the content of the information and any further handling of the transport. The parties themselves should make contact with each other and mutually settle matters.

With an exception for specialized shipping companies, the maximum duration for placing a request for supply or demand is three months. To prevent pollution of the information the requests will be removed from the site afterwards. A request for renewal of the placement can be submitted.

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