Medic Foundation is dependent on donations of equipment and goods from hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Therefore not everything is always available. There is however a basic catalogue which is generally in stock. If you have questions about the availability of goods, please “Contact” us, or complete the “project request” form.

General: Examination- / treatment tables

Diagnostic apparatus: stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, ECG, ultrasound/echo, endoscopies equipment, pulse oxymeters, examination lights, sterilizers, autoclaves, suction pumps, beds, crutches, wheelchairs, bedpans

Surgery: Operating tables, operating lights

Various operating sets: Suturing set, general surgery set, abdominal surgery set

Various surgical instruments, electro surgery units, dermatomes SOBER, hyfrecators

Orthopedics: Fixateurs externe, various loose instruments, splints, protheses

Gynecology: Delivery beds, delivery set, caesarean section set, uterus extirpation set, D/C set

vacuum extractors, colposcopes, fetal dopplers

Anesthesia: Vital signs monitors, defibrillators, reanimation equipment, ambu-bags, laryngoscopes, Infusion- / syringe pumps, oxygen concentrators, anesthesia machines

ENT: Diagnostic instruments: otoscopes, audiometers

Surgical sets and instruments

Ophthalmology: Diagnostic equipment, such as split lamps, tonometers, ophthalmoscopes

Microscopes for surgery, sets for intra- and extra ocular surgery

Pediatrics: Incubators (Dräger or Hebi), weighing scales

Laboratory: Microscopes, centrifuges, scales, HB meters, glucose meters, Hcrt centrifuges

diagnostic equipment, analyzers. small diagnostic materials

Consumables: Medical and nursing consumables

Physiotherapy: Various equipment


Products developed by Medic: