Medic Foundation
Medic Foundation is an organisation helping to provide medical goods and services to people in need in economically underdeveloped areas. Medic collects and repairs materials useful to health projects sponsored by relief organisations or private persons. We support a variety of projects in developing countries including:
  • Providing additional equipment for doctors in the field
  • Fitting out health centers
  • Delivering medical equipment to existing hospitals and clinics
  • Exchange of knowledge and partly financial support         more >
How to support us
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Donation of medical equipment

If you want to dispose of equipment which has been amortized or is not in use anymore, you may fill in the form. Goods, with the exception of medicins,  of which the expiry dates have not been passed are also welcome. We will contact you  to arrange for transportation more >

Financial donations

All financial donations are used in full for our projects. In 2017 we honoured 139 requests for help in over 30 countries. Their are a number of options to support us. more >


Medic has around 90 volunteers with a medical and non-medical background. If you are interested to join us as a voluntary worker, please contact us. more >